‘Disintegrating Histories’ is essentially a photographic survey of the post-industrial landscape of NW Leicestershire. Many of the subjects of these photographs were long gone by the time I arrived with my camera. Each man is a former coal miner and every other photograph was once the site of a coal mine.

The demise of the coal mining industry in the 1980’s & 90’s saw - along with many all over the country - the region plunged into a period of uncertainty. NW Leicestershire however found itself presented with a unique opportunity for a fresh start, with the first tiny whips of The National Forest being planted on December 5 1990, four days before I was born and just down the road from my childhood home.

These photographs record the progress of a period of huge social and geographic transition which has coincidentally aligned with my own lifetime.

Disintegrating Histories was supported by the Transform arts project, Snibston Discovery Museum, Leicestershire County Council and Arts Council England.

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